SAN Mobile®is the perfect solution to assist in the execution of the activities of the maintenance area, it guarantees productivity, reliability and mobility in the operations of the maintenance teams.
100% SAP compatible

SAN Mobile® – Mobile application integrated 100% with SAP PM, automating in a simple and secure way, everything is done on an easy platform, with offline and online access, multi-language, fast and intuitive, minimizing errors in the process and making reliable data.

In real time!

Our goal is to provide an interface for mobile equipment, so that maintenance teams perform queries, updates, data entries, order confirmations in real time.

Gain productivity and reliability in team operations with a perfect platform to simplify your maintenance operation.

Mobile application that integrates online registration, maintenance and operational launches with SAP. Access control to functionalities and workflow follow the SAP standard.

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With SAN Mobile® , teams will be able to access and update Maintenance Orders, Equipment information and Installation Locations, all through a mobile device providing mobility and agility in the execution of services.

The application controls access to features automatically from the access profile in SAP. With possibility of use in Offline mode, and data synchronization when Online.

PCM – Panel for managing the allocation, dispatch and execution of maintenance orders.
Technical – Panel for individual control of the orders allocated to him, and execution update.
Why SAN Mobile?


Unification of processes, significant reduction in the cost of paper and printing, improvement in the material purchase process, speed of completion through an intuitive system, agile implementation.

Management of maintenance processes

Process management, greater organization and control, performance management, agility in decision making, increased operational efficiency.



Online and real time, increased security minimizing data loss, 100% integrated with SAP ECC.®.

Increased productivity of the maintenance team and reduction of times

Automate your processes securely and simply, all on friendly, fast and intuitive platforms. Minimize errors and reduce the time spent on highly transactional processes in SAP®.

We are SAP Partner, qualified with the necessary expertise to maintain the high levels of satisfaction, quality of solutions and provision of services that SAP customers expect.
SAP Global Certification

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